Robotic learning is essential if we want to deploy it in industry and in our societies. A project like this will help participants (students, parents or teachers) to understand and appreciate how robotics can be useful in their lives.

The use of robots at school will increase student motivation. They are scalable, innovative and creative educational tools that allow students to use digital technology as an enjoyable way to solve the problems they face. The multidisciplinary approach of robotics also makes the involvement and expression of all easier. Thus, students will be able to increase their knowledge and develop their curiosity as well as their communication skills. Students will also improve their science skills.



The virtual meeting organized by the Czech Republic was held the week of November 29 to December 3. Students from 3rd ESO and 4thESO have participated in this meeting carrying out the different activities planned.

Escape Rooms have been carried out both about the country and the region of the host center and about the writer of the first novel (a play) about robots, Karel Capek in 1920. In addition, different groups of students performed different parts of Act 3 of the play.

Finally, on Friday we celebrated a day in which the students cooked different recipes of typical Czech dishes and we were able to share a Christmas table with all the cooked food.

It has been a great experience for both students and teachers participating in which, in addition to practicing English, they have prepared teamwork, exchanged experiences with students from other countries and learned about different cultural and social aspects of the other participating European countries.


La semana del 29 de noviembre al 3 de diciembre se ha celebrado la reunión virtual organizada por la República Checa. En esta reunión han participado estudiantes de 3º ESO y 4ºESO llevando a cabo las diferentes actividades planteadas.

Se han realizado Escape Rooms tanto sobre el país y la región del centro anfitrión como sobre el escritor de la primera novela (una obra teatral) sobre robots, Karel Capek en 1920. Además los diferentes grupos de estudiantes representaron diferentes partes del acto 3 de dicha función.

Por último, el viernes celebramos una jornada en la que el alumnado cocinó diferentes recetas de platos típicos checos y pudimos compartir una mesa navideña con todo lo cocinado.

Ha supuesto una estupenda experiencia tanto para alumnado como docentes participantes en la que además de practicar inglés, han preparado trabajos en equipo, intercambiado experiencias con estudiantes de otros países y conocido diferentes aspectos culturales y sociales de los otros países europeos participantes.