Robotic learning is essential if we want to deploy it in industry and in our societies. A project like this will help participants (students, parents or teachers) to understand and appreciate how robotics can be useful in their lives.

The use of robots at school will increase student motivation. They are scalable, innovative and creative educational tools that allow students to use digital technology as an enjoyable way to solve the problems they face. The multidisciplinary approach of robotics also makes the involvement and expression of all easier. Thus, students will be able to increase their knowledge and develop their curiosity as well as their communication skills. Students will also improve their science skills.



Como cierre al proyecto ERASMUS+ sobre Robótica educativa alumnos/as de Bachillerato, coordinados por Angel Cuesta, han realizado un homenaje al robot icónico MAZINGER Z construyendo una réplica a escala que estos días está siendo expuesto en el hall del centro junto al ERASMUS+ corner.